AKZOdiesel offers the first ever remote solution to delete the EGR on truck engine models.
When the EGR has a problem, the following error codes may appear:

  • MID 128 PID 27 EGR Position Sensor 1
  • MID 128 PID 146 EGR Valve 1
  • MID 128 PID 266 EGR Valve 2
  • MID 128 PID 362 EGR Position Sensor 2
  • Similar codes related to EGR

When there are engine errors related to the EGR, fuel consumption increases and it decreases torque by 15%. With our solution, there is no need to install any devices, replace parts of the engine, or replace the EGR! This takes too much time and you risk damaging your vehicle. All that we require is access to either the truck or the engine ECM and then we will do the rest. The process usually takes only 15 minutes! After the process there will be no more fault codes related to the EGR. Your truck will have more power and lower fuel consumption.

We tune it so that the engine performs at a more advanced level. The process is now complete!

NOTE: There is no need for additional mechanical work and the delete will NOT effect the Turbo.


What is Required:

  1. A laptop with PTT (Premium Tech Tool) software.

  2. An interface (Vocom, 88890020 , Nexiq)

  3. Hook up to either truck or engine ECU (bench connection)

  4. Install Teamviewer software and send US your Teamviewer ID and Pass

  5. The total process takes 15-30 minutes!