The new VOLVO truck models are equipped with DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) and DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) systems. DPF and DEF can be found on 2010 and later models. (DPF since 2007).

What is Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)?

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is a non-hazardous solution composed of urea and de-ionized water. DEF is sprayed into the exhaust stream of diesel vehicles to break down dangerous NOx emissions into harmless nitrogen and water. This system is called Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and can be found on 2010 and later model trucks. DEF is not a fuel additive and never comes into contact with the diesel. It is stored in a separate tank, typically with a blue filler cap.

What is Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)?

SCR technology uses a catalyst system to break down dangerous NOx emissions produced by diesel engines into nitrogen and water. The chemical reactions used in SCR systems require a constant feed of ammonia gas. In automotive applications SCR delivers ammonia using a urea solution called Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). DEF is sprayed into the exhaust stream by an advanced injection system and then converted into ammonia on a catalyst. The ammonia breaks down dangerous NOx emissions produced by diesel engines into nitrogen and water.

What is Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)?

Diesel Particulate Filter, or DPF for short, is a filter designed to remove particulate and soot from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine. All on-highway diesel engines sold as 2007 models or newer must have a Diesel Particulate Filter installed (From 2007 to 2010 only have DPF). Every highway truck that has a DPF installed also has a regeneration light on the dashboard. If the truck is going faster than 20 mph when the filter gets full, the engine will do an automatic regeneration and burn off the collected particulate. What is left in the filter is a small amount of soot or ash.

A DPF is a filter and all filters eventually will clog. The more ash collected in the filter, the less time required between regeneration intervals. As the diesel particulate filter becomes clogged, the diesel engine will begin losing power. Warning lights will alert the driver, and if the driver does not get the filter replaced, the engine will shut off completely.

To avoid expensive DPF and DEF and EGR service costs, we can simply delete the DPF and DEF and EGR in your vehicle with two options:

  • Online Reprogramming (flashing) of EECM( Engine ECU) with new and tuned software.
  • Install DPF&DEF Emulation Module in the vehicle (DPF & DEF Emulator)

Option 1: Remote Reprogramming (flashing) of EECM

To reprogram the Engine ECU we use custom tuned software and download the vehicle’s original Flash file from the VOLVO Server which we use to delete the DPF and EGR system.

After applying our upgrade to your truck there will be no need to change the DPF filter. You can simply drill out or remove it.

After applying these upgrades there will NOT BE:

  • Error codes
  • Derates
  • Regens
  • any codes regarding the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) and DEF( Diesel Exhaust Fluid) and EGR


What is Required:

  • A laptop with PTT (Premium Tech Tool) software.
  • An interface (Vocom, 88890020, Nexiq)
  • Hook up to either Truck or Engine ECU (bench connection)
  • Install Teamviwer software and send us your Teamviwer ID and Pass
  • Total process takes 15-30 minutes!

OPTION 2: DPF & DEF Emulator

We have made a Emulator device Vilkus-62 (first in the world) for DEF & DPF systems which simulate all DEF & DPF’s data for EECU.

By installing our Emulator in the truck, you can simply drill out or remove the DPF’s filter and have constant low soot levels. There will be no need to fill the DEF‘s tank with Adblue!

What is Required:

The emulator Vilkus-62 is a plug and play device so all you need is to order the emulator and follow the instructions for installing the emulator on a vehicle.

The installation of an emulator is so easy and can be completed by everyone. It doesn’t need to be installed by a professional. All you need are 5 joining wires according to the instructions and the job is done! You have deleted DPF & DEF.

Note: Our Emulation module supports all VOLVO engines (D11,d13,d16). It also supports all MACK and UD models with VOLVO engines.

  • VOLVO Construction Equipment Emulator
  • VK-62 VOLVO CE (D4H, D6H, D8H, D13H, D16H)
  • VOLVO CE VK-62
  • NEW VOLVO CE (D6J, D8J, D11J, D13J, D16J)