Diesel Particle Filter (DPF):

A Diesel Particulate Filter, also known as a DPF, is a device designed to remove diesel particulate matter or soot from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine. The trucks exhaust DPF will gather the soot. A diesel-powered vehicle equipped with a functioning filter will emit no visible smoke from its exhaust pipe. In addition to collecting the particulate, a method must exist to clean the filter. This removal of particles is now being done with a system of chambers in the diesel particle filters. The chambers inside a canister allow for an increase in the surface area the gases come in direct contact with. The greater the contact area is, the more the particles will cling to it and thus be removed for the gases before it leaves the chamber. The development of the passive regenerative DPF is the cost effective alternative. This is done by coating the inside of the DPF with a platinum catalyst and then placing it directly after the exhaust manifold. The heat and catalyst provide the proper environment for the chemical process of destroying the particles that were removed from the gases. This allows them to break down into non-hazardous molecules. After a while the DPF will block completely, thus not giving any chance to regenerate. At this stage a new DPF filter is required and is too costly. Your truck will go into limp mode limiting. Another symptom will be excessive fuel consumption and dash warning lights. Sadly the DPF cannot just be removed, because your ECU will look for the DPF and warning lights will show on your dash. We can permanently reprogram your engine ECU to stop the ECU looking for your DPF using special and very sophisticated software.

AKZODIESEL offers the DPF & EGR OFF solution for all D11 , D13, D16 engines for all USA/CANADA VOLVO models. There are two options for DPF & EGR DELETE in VOLVO trucks:

  1. Online Reprogramming (flashing) of EECM( Engine ECU) with our tuned software.
  2. Install DPF Emulation Module in Vehicle( this Option only delete DPF .NOT EGR)


1. Online Reprogramming of EECM :

In this solution, we reprogram the Engine ECU with tuned software of the vehicle. We download truck’s original Flash file from VOLVO Server and we tune in advanced of DPF and EGR delete and then we upload to the Engine ECM.After programming there will NOT be:
– Error codes in regard to DPF and EGR
– Derates
– Regens
– anything else regarding the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) and EGR(Exhaust gas Recirculation)

After applying this solution you can disconnect all sensors, unplug the EGR valves and drill out the DPF filter and anything in regard to the DPF & EGR.

When doing DPF deletes made by AKZODiesel, there is NO need to change the TURBO or any other hardware parts! You can still use your turbo and everything will work perfectly. All these upgrades will bring:

better power
-better MPG



1. A laptop with PTT (Premium Tech Tool) software.

2. An interface (Vocom, 88890020 , Nexiq)

3. Hook up to either truck or engine ECU (bench connection)

4. Install Teamviewer software and send US your Teamviewer ID and Pass

5. The total process takes 15-30 minutes!



2. Install DPF Emulation Module in Vehicle (DPF Emulator)


We have made an Emulator Vilkus-72 (first in the world) for DPF system which simulates all DPF’s data for EECU.

By installing our Emulator in the truck, you can simply drill out the DPF’s filter and have constant low soot levels forever!

NOTE: The DPF filter must be removed or Drilled ( 5-6 holes and each hole 1 inch). After installing the Emulation Module. It is advised to leave the sensors in position.




The emulator is a plug and play device so all you need is to order the emulator and follow the instructions for installing the emulator on a vehicle.

The installation of the emulator is so easy and can be completed by everyone. All you need are 5 joining wires according to the instructions and the job is done! You have deleted the DPF!

Note: Our Emulation module supports all VOLVO engines (D11,D13,D16). It also supports MACK and UD models with VOLVO engines.