AKZODiesel is ready for Euro 6 emissions standards

What is Euro 6?

Euro 6 is the latest legislation for cleaner diesel emissions. The legislation sets stringent standards for exhaust emissions, limiting the amount of harmful nitrogen oxide (NOx) gasses and hydrocarbons produced by road vehicles. Compared with previous standards, Euro 6 targets two types of emissions: nitrogen oxide (NOX) and particulate matter (PM).


AKZODiesel’s solution for Euro 6:

AKZODiesel has created a reliable solution for Euro 6 emissions standards. It is a full EURO 6 delete that is done by :

1-Remote online programming

2- Emulator

Our solution supports all old and new engines such as D13K EURO6 or D13k Euro 5 and ETC.


Option 1 : Remote Online Programming


In this option, we will connect to a truck through a laptop using Teamviewer Software.  We will perform the whole ECM and VCM programming and the  process takes about 30 minutes. All you need  is a laptop with windows XP, 7, 8 or 10 professional version and an interface such as NEXIQ or VOCOM or 88890020. After the truck is connected, you will  send us a Teamviewer ID and password. We will log in to your laptop and perform the full DEF( SCR) and DPF delete. After the process is completed, disconnect all sensors  connected to the DPF and DEF.  Your truck will have a DEF LEVEL working in the display and it will show that it is full all the time.

Advantages you will see after deleting a Euro 6, EURO 5, or Version 4:

  • Disconnect all sensors in regard to DPF and DEF( SCR)
  • DEF LEVEL will always show in a cluster
  • Improved fuel economy
  • More power and better engine response
  • Eliminate downtime by deleting the emission controls
  • Increases the lifespan of your engine
  • We can restore the original calibration file any time







 Option 2 : Emulator


AKZODiesel’s  emulators can delete the DPF and DEF in Euro 6 VOLVO Trucks. Our emulators are made of high quality parts and tested under all conditions .  There is a 3 year unlimited warranty and after that a 2 year limited warranty. The emulator is easy to install and doesn’t need any special knowledge. We will provide full instructions with pictures so that there will not be any confusion. All you need to do is join 6 wires and you are done!

The main advantages you will see after installing our VOLVO Euro 6 emulator

Version 4:

  • you can disconnect all sensors in regard to DPF and DEF( SCR)
  • DEF LEVEL will always show in a cluster
  • Eliminate downtime by deleting the emission controls
  • You can disconnect  and reconnect all the original sensors at any time. There is no programming required