D13B – with EGR technology

Volvo Trucks has launched of a D13 engine featuring EGR exhaust gas recirculation since 2007 The engine is available in four power output levels and is certified for current emission requirements according to Euro 4 – but without after-treatment of exhaust gases.
The all-new D13B engine series is offered with power outputs of 360, 400, 440 and 500 hp. The D13B is available in both the Volvo FM and the Volvo FH, although the 500 hp variant is reserved solely for Volvo FH.
EGR exhaust gas recirculation without particle filter With EGR exhaust gas recirculation, some of the exhaust gases are cooled in the EGR radiator and returned to the engine via the intake air. These returned exhaust gases help reduce the combustion temperature, which results in lower nitrogen oxide content in the exhaust gases
Volvo meets the Euro 4 requirement without after-treatment of exhaust gases and is the only company in the world to offer this solution. D13B has four variations:

  • D13B 360 EGR Euro 4 264/360 1800
  • D13B 400 EGR Euro 4 294/400 2000
  • D13B 440 EGR Euro 4 324/440 2200
  • D13B 500 EGR Euro 4 368/500 2400

When there are engine errors related to the EGR, it causes an increase in fuel consumption and a 40% decrease in power (40% Torque Reduction).

AKZODiesel offers  EGR-Deletes for all D13B models. The process will be done remotely with original Volvo’s software PTT( Premium Tech Tool) .

We reprogram the engine’s ECU with new software for a safe EGR delete performed on your truck. After programming, there will NOT be a 40% torque reduction!  Disconnect and remove all EGR VALVES and there will be NO ERRORS!


  1. PTT (Premium Tech Tool) software
  2. An interface ( Vocom, 88890020, Nexiq)
  3. Hook up to either Truck or Engine ECU (bench connection)
  4. Install Teamviewer software on your computer and send your Teamviewer ID and Password to us.
  5. The process takes 15-30 minutes!