AdBlue® is a Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) used in modern trucks that have a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system. AdBlue® is manufactured to meet ISO quality standards 22241-1, 2, 3 and 4 – also DIN70070 and CEFIC standards.

Our newest solution has the ability to disable the whole Adblue (SCR) system on a truck completely.


  • This process will not leave any traces of inactive Adblue system.
  • No more limp mode and No Adblue errors!


Our programing solution disables Adblue for good! We support this technical service to disable Volvo truck Adblue system.Our programming solution supports all  trucks models( Volvo – FH FM VM FE ..ETC)Renault Magnum, Premium and other models with all Volvo Engine types:

  1. D7
  2. D11A &D11Band D11C
  3. D13A and D13C
  4. D16 E and D16G


After Adblue is disabled, it could reduce ecological standard of your truck by stopping DEF fluid supply system in the SCR catalyst, this is enough to save a lot of money on AdBlue fluid refills and repairing!


There will be no need to mail ECU, to have any extra tools or software, and NO Emulators. The process is performed through  remote programing



  • Provide a laptop with PTT (Premium Tech Tool) software.
  • An interface ( Vocom, 88890020 , Nexiq)
  • Hook up to either Truck or Engine ECU(bench connection)
  • Install Teamviewer software and send US your Teamviewer ID and Pass
  • The process takes 15-30 minutes!