AKZODiesel offers DPF and DEF delete solution for all  Construction Equipment models.


Wheel loaders




Motor graders



14616357 - detailed image of orange roller, isolated on white background. file contains gradients. no strokes and blends.

Our NEW EMULATOR – Vilkus-62 solution works for all European and USA  Construction Models. You do not need any special software or any tuning process! All that is needed is to join 4 wires (power supply and J1939) and disconnect the Aftertreatment Control Unit, and empty or drill out the filter and the process is complete! You will have a DPF delete completely a  time life.

Our product guaranteed with full support for any issue that may occur in any time.



Will removing my DPF cause any problems?

No, in fact having a DPF will cause more problems than removing it altogether. Once the DPF is removed there is no need to worry about regenerations, power loss or expensive bills from the dealers.

How long does it take to put the Emulator on VOLVO CE?

The process usually takes 15-20 minutes.

Does it affect fuel economy?

A blocked DPF will use more fuel than usual; making the engine work a lot harder. By removing the DPF,  exhaust gases will flow more freely and in most cases , increase MPGs.





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  • new truck and VOLVO CE emulator
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