AKZODiesel is the first to offer a programming solution for  Volvo, MackIV and Renault (DX1 engine) models. Our Programming software ensures:

– All MIDs (128,144,130,136,223, etc.) can be programmed in offline mode and there is NO need to access the central system,
– The same features and capabilities as an official dealer has are provided,
– It is compatible with PTT (Premium Tech Tool), which is the official Volvo diagnostic software
– Ongoing support for any issues, including our online support to provide the flash files in regard to your VIN number.

Many people repair the ECU by disabling it and removing the CHIPS inside the ECU. This is risky and might damage an ECU. Programming tools  are then used to restore the firmware. This solution is dangerous because it can damage the original firmware inside the ECU and its very time consuming. In some cases when the wrong firmware is used, damage to the vehicle and ECU will occur.

We provide support to our clients 24/7 and we keep  a copy of your original ECU on a flash drive. If any problems arise, we can provide ongoing support remotely online. We ensure your VIN number is stored in case of possible damage to the ECU, which is caused by accessing the wrong flash files.